Saturday, 20 July 2019

This is 100% insane It's almost impossible to fix in BC. now

Vancouver is the only Canadian City where addicts are allowed to inject

On Thursday, April 14, 2016, BC’s provincial health officer 

Declared a public health emergency in response to the rise in 

Drug overdoses and deaths

Response to the Opioid Overdose Crisis in Vancouver Coastal Health

This is a Public Health Emergency in BC 

Because even Communities outside the Lower Mainland


Our Government has made this a job creation program

It's almost impossible to fix in

The only way they can control it now is

B.C.'s top health officer has recommended the province move urgently to decriminalize possession of illegal drugs for personal use, 

Saying the years-long overdose crisis needs to be treated as

 A public health issue, 

Not a criminal justice matter

'Immediate provincial action is warranted,'

 to 'urgently' decriminalize possession of illicit drugs

 The only way we can control it now we have to

Build thousands of affordable and supportive housing units to permanently house people who are homeless and in unstable living conditions.

The Drug Dealers

We have to Stop putting them in Communities all by themselves

With absolutely no Help and very little support after they move in 

All they do is just continue selling drugs 

This is turning Vancouver into the Drug Capital of Canada

Because of the present system that we have today 

We have to 

Advocate for the Province to deliver more low-threshold opioid replacement programs for methadone, suboxone, hydromorphone, and diacetylmorphine treatment. 

Establish a program for city-wide needle collection and distribution using sharps boxes where people who inject drugs can safely dispose of used needles. 

Implement a building code that makes sharps boxes mandatory in all new public facilities

Open up staffed safe spaces in existing public facilities as points of care for people who use drugs all over BC.

Advocate for the Federal Government to expand the
Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act

 We need to expand this law to immunize all of those at the scene of an overdose against arrest 

This is why we have to do this

It's what side of the sidewalk are the

Drug Dealers dealing from

The Street side of the sidewalk 

Its a Police problem 

Drug Dealers will go to jail 

 The Building Side of the sidewalk

The Home Owners or Apartment Owners

Have to take the Drug Pusher to the 

Residential Tenancy Branch

 [ This can takes years ]

All the police can do is sit across the street and watch  

Because under the 

Residential Tenancy Branch

These people have rights so

Even with Police evidence 

The law is there to protect them

Making it almost impossible for you to win

Even if you do win

It can cost you almost everything you own

The Drug Dealers gets Free Legal Help

The Outreach Worker will do their job

And find them another Place

It's will be just down the block because 

The  Drug Dealer gets to choose their new apartment 

 It will be close to their Clientele  

 The Drug Dealer will never lose a sale

Residential Tenancy Branch

It is a real injustice it was design not to work 

 Because the courts do not follow the Law, of the City, Police, 

Animal Control and the Fire Department and Building Dept. 

Making It Pure Hell for the people that have to deal with the

Residential Tenancy Branch

 The employees are putting this out

Because Jails and Hospitals cost money

Our Government is making this a job creation program 

The Government is working very hard setting up 

Housing programs that support these people in our communities.

 THE SOLO Program
[Supported Outreach Living Opportunity]

The Governments problem is there is no way a

Home Owner or Apartment Owner

 Will let a Drug Pusher into their Building 

The Workers have to find these people Apartments

So the Workers just dump these people on the Landlords

Even the Workers do not know their history

The Home Owner or Apartment Owner

Not one word about their history [nothing]

It's always

This is such a Beautiful Building

We would love to keep it this way

 So we have a really good tenant for you

They will be so good for your Building 

Once the Drug Dealer has moved in

All the Landlord hears 

They have the right to stay, you have the right to leave

It's day after day of police, ambulance and fire trucks

It's one complaint after another 

They destroy the neighborhood and your building

This is what they leave behind

Apartment 101  One Death 

Apartment 208  One week in Hospital 

Apartment 203  One OD

One of the Drug Dealers three ODs

It will cost thousands to fix 203 place 

And about two months work

This is what her place 

Looks like after she moved out 

This is how we are getting them out 

The Drug Dealer in 203 phone the police 

Because 302 stole her heroin 

That started a war

They kick each others door down plus other doors in the building 

The police came in and arrested them

203 is now renting her mothers basement 

 MPA is paying her mother to rent to her

302 the police boarded up his door

And I will not let him in with out the police and a moving truck

At 3:30 July 21 2019

The Outreach Worker just phone me 

What you are doing is illegal 

You can not lock the Heroin Dealer out of his place 

You must abide by the law

Residential Tenancy Branch says

 A landlord can not lock anyone out of their apartment 

 The police boarded up the Heroin Dealers door

And I will not let him in with out the police and a moving truck

We go to court

This is his door